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Our ethical foundation includes our entrepreneurial spirit -- Enterprising, Dedicated, Truth-seeking, Equality-oriented, Innovative in Leshan Radio Company, LTD. (LRC) We as employees play a vital role in maintaining the company's commitment to providing an ethical workplace. Our code of business conduct (" the code ") is the best example of this commitment.
Whether we are in a challenging economic period or experiencing rapid market growth, we will always firmly practice ethical and legal behaviors in LRC. By acknowledging our Code, we agree to follow the same ethical standards as our fellow coworkers, which allows us to move forward with the same mindset. These ethical standards enable us to maintain the trust of our customers, suppliers, partners, fellow employees.
Our Code outlines the broad principles of legal and ethical business conduct embraced by our Company. It also discusses the resources available for us to raise issues and questions. Within the legal framework, you may make reports anonymously through our Ethics Monitoring and Investigation Hotline. Our Company will take every effort to protect the confidentiality of those making reports.
Please note that our Code does not cover all of the legal or ethical situations that we might face. Rather, it embodies ethical guidelines for each of us to apply in our day-to-day business dealings, as well as personal activities that relate to our
company.  Each of us has a responsibility to comply with our Code.
We are all proud of our Company, its products, its reputation and its commitment to doing business with honesty and integrity. We also take pride in our dedication to ethical conduct. Please let us promise in commitment to achieving 100 percent acknowledgment of our Code.