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Professionalism and engagement will bring influence for the career development of all employees of LRC.

LRC has good professional skills to provide services and technical solutions for global customers.
As one of the team members,in addition to improving your personal skills, you can also gain a better platform for personal career development.
Through cross department communication and project cooperation, you can have more opportunities to show yourself and participation in the following career development plans of the company will enable you to make continuous progress with the company.

Staff TrainingTechnology Advancing Training Leadership Improvement Organizational Development and Training Plan
  • Staff Training

    The company encourages all employees to adhere to the lifelong learning of self-study, and in order to ensure that you can obtain the professional knowledge necessary for the current position and future development opportunities, in addition to new hire training and on-the-job training, the company also non-periodically holds various kinds of latest technology training courses. The company will organize training activities and arrange courses according to the actual needs of each department and the company annual training budget.

  • Technology Advancing Training

    The company encourages technicians and engineers to continuously improve their skills and complete technical training courses from level 1 to level 3. The technicians can be promoted from current positions to engineer positions gradually. The engineers can also be promoted to the positions of chief engineer or higher technical management by improving their own technical capability, completing the projects and passing the evaluation of the technical ladder management committee. The company also actively cooperates with colleges and universities to complete the curriculum plan required by higher education and improve the education background of the employees.

  • Leadership Improvement

    LRC has a complete leadership training plan, which can help key talents of the company actively participate in major projects of the company, obtain a better development platform, and accelerate the career development process of new leaders. The company will carry out effective management courses for the actual leadership training needs. Talent assessment will also be conducted for positions above the manager level, and leadership improvement plans will be taken to meet the company's future development needs. In addition, the company will also carry out leadership training programs for supervisors above positions through online courses.

  • Organizational Development and Training Plan

    For key positions, while maintaining the efficient operation of the existing organizational structure, LRC carries out the organizational development and personnel training plan. LRC carries out personnel training plan for each incumbent of key positions to ensure that the company has the talents needed for future development, and to enable these potential talents to grow rapidly into the talents needed for key positions of the company, so as to lay a solid foundation for the further development of the company.