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We weave beautiful life with heart, and we are a team full of passion and confidence. The company establishes and improves the training system, strives to build a learning team, advocates and carries forward the spirit of independent thinking, and encourages employees to focus on lifelong learning through self-education. The company actively participates in the construction of public welfare undertakings, carries out activities such as entertainment performances, sports competitions, and commendations for best employees, and continuously cultivates teamwork and a collective sense of honor to enhance the overall image of the company.
  • Incentives and Recognitions

    LRC is a fast-growing company with a highly-efficient execution. Every progress and success made by the company is inseparable from the hard work and selfless dedication of all employees! In order to strengthen the cohesion of the enterprise, to commend the advanced model, and to motivate employees to make progress, the company will hold an annual commendation conference. In addition to this, the company has formulated a unified incentive policy for all employees, and having outstanding performance, innovative thinking, new products mass productions, and excess products Members who complete tasks and make outstanding contributions to the goals set by the company are given timely incentives and recognition.

  • Large Symphonic Concert

    After 50 years of test of time and hardships, LRC Group has developed into a modern enterprise with high-quality talents, strong strength and high visibility. Company organizes annual anniversary celebrations: large-scale symphonies in the company's sports grounds, the show dances prepared by employees, and the heart touching singing of artists . Employees' families will also be invited to participate, applaud the company together, and look forward to a continuous glory for LRC!

  • Family Day Activities

    LRC holds occasional family day events, which is a joyous event for employees and their families to participate. In a relaxed and pleasant environment, employees and their families can fully experience the LRC culture, enhance the communication and interact with employees from different departments so as to enhance the sense of belongings and cohesion of the company. The colorful family day activities integrate corporate culture and family culture, stimulate the pride of employees and their families, help employees win the understanding and support of their families, and create a healthy and happy working atmosphere for the company.

  • Work-life Balance

    LRC has dual mechanisms of "institutionalized" management and "humanized" management for our employees. We understand it is not easy to balance work tasks and challenges in family life . At LRC, if you have such difficulties, you can talk to your direct supervisor about your personal needs, and we will try our best to coordinate with your specific situation to find a mutual acceptable solution.